Which Halloween candies pair best with your favorite wine

Halloween candy isn’t just for the kids. Adults with a sweet tooth can pair their favorite confections with a variety of wines to make it feel a little less trick-or-treat. 

Demi Mazur, a wine expert extraordinaire with one of Postino WineCafe’s locations, showcased some of their suggested candy and wine pairings with Scripps News Live Host Lauren Magarino. 

Mazur described the first pairing as “the perfect fall night.” You take a buttery, oaky chardonnay with notes of vanilla, like one from Holly’s Way, and match it with caramel apple pops. The vanilla in the wine compliments the caramel perfectly. 

A sweet, white wine with hints of citrus, like Rosa Fiore Moscato D’Asti, pairs well with candy like Starburst. Mazur said the tropical essence of Starburst creates the perfect fruit-forward match. 

While Twizzlers might be a polarizing pick of candy, they do make for a great accessory to red wine, Mazur said. A wine like Mary Taylor’s Cabernet Franc brings out the licorice flavor of the candy. 

Mazur said the fruity notes of Hi-Rise’s sauvignon blanc work well with the variety of flavors found in Skittles. 

Last but not least, there’s the classic pairing of red wine and chocolate. Mazur said a robust red wine like Antioch’s Zinfandel can work well with any chocolate, such as Hershey’s Kisses.