Report: Plastics seeping into grocery and restaurant foods

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid potentially dangerous plastics from getting into your food. 

Research from Consumer Reports shows that many foods from grocery stores and restaurants had some levels of Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, and phthalates. 

The compounds are known as “endocrine disrupting chemicals,” meaning they can change how hormones work in a person’s body. Medical researchers are still conducting studies on the long-term effect of continued exposure to the chemicals. 

The Consumer Reports study found people are likely being exposed without even knowing. 

Researchers analyzed 85 foods, looking for BPA and phthalates. The food was kept in various types of packaging, including cans, foil, pouches and other materials. 

Consumer Reports says that 79% of the samples tested were positive for traces of BPA. However, researchers noted that the tested samples had lower levels than tests in 2009 found.

While that was a positive sign, the same could not be said for phthalates. Consumer Reports noted that all but one of the 85 products tested positive for the compound. 

The products included popular soft drinks, canned goods and condiments like ketchup and barbecue sauce. 

High levels of phthalates were also found in fast food items like chicken nuggets, french fries and burritos. 

Consumer Reports notes that with the exception of a ban on BPA in baby bottles, there aren’t “substantive” limits on the chemicals in food packaging. 

The Food and Drug Administration has previously said it’s aware of concerns over levels of phthalates in foods people consume and is reviewing the latest research before offering any new guidance.