Nacho normal liquor: Doritos drops nacho cheese-flavored spirit

Have you ever eaten a bag of Doritos and thought, I wish I could take a shot of this? Well, now you can. 

Doritos has partnered with international liquor company Empirical to develop a nacho cheese-flavored spirit. 

The liquor, which is uncategorized like Empirical’s other spirits, was developed by extracting the flavor of Doritos using the actual chips through a vacuum distillation process, the companies said. 

The flavor profile is described as nacho cheese, corn tostada, umami with a hint of acidity. 

The companies said the liquor would work well in a margarita, blood mary or just on the rocks. 

It’s the first time either brand has partnered to create something like this. 

“Doritos is all about disrupting culture and bringing our fans unexpected, bold experiences,” said Tina Mahal, a senior executive for Frito-Lay North America. “We’re always pushing our fans to try new things, so we figure it’s time we disrupt the spirits category by offering our iconic nacho cheese flavor in a bottle.”

Limited-edition bottles of Empirical x Doritos Nacho Cheese Spirit will be available next month for a suggested retail price of $65.00 online and in select New York and California markets.