Bojangles is bringing its biscuits to the West Coast

California is about to be on bo time! Bojangles, a fast-food chain known for its Southern-style biscuits and chicken, is expanding to the West Coast for the first time. 

The North Carolina-based restaurant franchise has largely kept to the East Coast since it was founded in 1977. 

However, Bojangles announced Monday it has entered an agreement with an entrepreneur to bring 30 restaurants to Los Angeles County as early as 2025. 

Bojangles has over 800 locations as it looks to expand more. In March, the company announced plans to open 20 locations in Phoenix, Arizona as part of its westward expansion. 

Prior to that, the chain had only gone as far west as Texas from its Carolina roots. 

The menu features freshly made biscuits, breakfast sandwiches typically served all day, fried chicken, sweet tea and a variety of sides including mac and cheese, green beans, dirty rice, cajun pinto beans and “bo-tato” rounds.

The company said while it works with Poulet Brothers, LLC to open the restaurants in Los Angeles, they are open to more franchising opportunities in other “prime areas” of California. 

Bojangles said it encourages a potential franchisee to open a minimum of 5 to 10 locations in a particular market. 

Your move, San Diego, Bay Area and Sacramento.